Benefits of a Yoni Massage

It’s just as important to give yourself or have someone give you a yoni massage, as it is to have a full body massage.

Why?  Well, you see the vaginal canal is a muscle, and like any other muscle toxins can build up.  Along with Yoni Breathing and/or use of yoni eggs, a yoni massage can help to re-enliven the tissues and muscles of the vaginal canal.

The benefits are many:

  • Increased sensitivity of the vaginal canal
  • Removes toxins and stagnant energies from the vaginal canal
  • Creates a bond with self or between you and your partner
  • Exploration to discover new erogenous spots within the vaginal canal
  • Relaxation

Although you may experience orgasm(s), this is not the focus of a yoni massage.  The focus is to achieve the above-mentioned benefits – however, an orgasm or orgasms would be a bonus!

You can watch my instructional video here.

Before you start your yoni massage, make sure that you’re in a comfortable and relaxed position.  Light some candles and/or incense, dim or turn off the lights, and/or play some relaxing music – or listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

If your partner is giving you the massage, it’s an opportunity for you both to enjoy, bond and immerse into each other as you both explore your sacred space.  After massage, it’s very important that you continue to relax for at least 10-15 minutes and pay attention to any signs and sensations you may receive from yourself.

So Goddess, I encourage you to enjoy a yoni massage tonight.  If not tonight, enjoy one by Sunday for the full moon!

I promise you, you won’t regret it!
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