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  1. Gev says:

    This is interesting; jugindg from the article on Lady Gaga, it seems it’s more frequent in women, this ability’. I have no touch orgasms with increasing frequency, about once a month or more or so now. so it seems I have something in common with the Lady Herself (you know, other than the fact that we were both BORN THIS WAY lolI think my first one was like 7 or 8 years ago, while in hypnotic trance using some feminization mp3s. but then in some sense I was having no touch orgasms for a lot longer if you take into account nocturnal ejaculations’. that’s kind of how I thought of them. but yeah, I don’t need to be asleep to do it, or under trance any more. and yeah, as You kind of alluded to, I think I do it more frequently and with better control now that I don’t really masturbate very much.I had never really thought of it from the standpoint of tantric sex energy or anything, but I can definitely tell that the orgasm can be just as explosive, but the rebound’ from them to being horny again is quicker than hands masturbation or actual sex. the kundulini link was interesting, gives me some persepective as to why that is anyway, I knew this was somewhat uncommon; I don’t ever mention it to anyone IRL, just to phone sex mistresses, and generally it’s looked at with skepticism or surprise. but i’d never looked into more vanilla conversations about this. but to get back to that idea that it’s more common in females than males, it’s ironic I guess that most (but not all) of my hands free orgasms take place while i’m fantasizing about being feminized, girlified, sluttified, bimbofied interesting to think that it’s not just the intensity of the imagination, but the content, that makes these orgasms more likely. maybe thinking of sex like a guy has a tendency to require’ some friction, idk I find the idea of the subliminal meditation very interesting. i’m actually not a big fan of hypnosis with induction, but I love the idea of being entranced. i’ll look forward to seeing what You come up with about that thank YOU!!!!

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