What is Vaginal (Yoni) Breathing?

vaginal breathing

AJKA’s (Afrakan Jade Kawaida’s) Vaginal Breathing is an orgasmic technique for women, which helps to open the pelvic area to intake vibrant and positive energy/chi into and expel stagnant and negative energy/chi from their womb space. It also assists with re-connection of the heart and womb space, which is vital for conscious decision making.

Vaginal Breathing is a great relaxation technique and helps to improve the sensitivity, elasticity and enhance the agility of the vaginal canal. It’s a great practice for vaginal rejuvenation and womb cleansing, and you will receive the best results with daily practice. It can be considered as a daily cultivation and illumination technique for our power source (womb area) and enhances womb-wellness and womb-focused living.

View the demo video to get a snippet of the full technique and you can also purchase the full 20-minute guide audio.

This technique was adapted and modified based on Yoni Breathing of the Shakti-Pati Tantric guru Yoga system by Tafari-sudra Khumbaka

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