Why Settle for Orgasms When You Can Have Allgasms™ All the Time?


Whenever you hear or see the word “orgasm”, what are your first thoughts? Most likely that pulsating sensation of your clitoris, vagina or penis comes to mind – right? Exactly! That’s because the word “orgasm” is associated with your genitals only.

That’s why it occurred to me that aiming to inspire a paradigm shift is futile if I continue to use this same word to spread the bliss of Orgasmik Intelligence™. The language must be different, yet still familiar to have a lasting effect.

Hence, the word “allgasm™” has been coined. This word embodies the same euphoric associations of orgasms, and allows for a wider, more sensational scope of just how blissful the euphoria is!

Allgasms™ open us up to a blissful reality by recognizing we can experience the exhilaration of the limiting “orgasm” in any part of our bodies, with various intensities by living fully through our senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, hearing, intuition) from either internal or external stimuli.

Yes, it’s a re-birth into a whole new world. It’s transformative.

Allgasms™ relieve the pressure from women who have been classified as anorgasmic (never experienced orgasm). Allgasms™ relieve the feelings of inadequacy if you’re not deemed as multi-orgasmic (ability to experience a number of consecutive orgasms).

Why Settle for Orgasms When You Can Have Allgasms™ All the Time?

Now we can celebrate being Omni-Allgasmik™.

When these pressures are removed, your natural abilities and skills will phenomenally unfold and expand, resulting in the escalation of your OIL (Orgasmik Intelligence Level ™).

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