Yoni Power Hour 6-Week Programme

The Yoni Power Hour 6-Week Programme is a fun and exciting class – just like aerobics, yoga or pilates – which instructs you how to safely and effectively engage and strengthen your core muscles – your vaginal canal, pelvic floor muscles, lower back, abs and inner thighs. However, the major difference is that you also gain dexterity and agility of your vaginal canal for health, vitality and pure pleasure.

The combination of exercises, which I like to call sensual movements, are carefully selected and developed to enhance your power source, ladies! Learn how to correctly and safely execute a kegel.  Learn how to evaluate your own pelvic floor muscles to determine their tonicity. Over the 6 weeks you’re guided through a gradually increased intensive pelvic enhancement regime.

Call KAtrina at (246) 696-GASM (4276) or email at katrina@orgasmikintelligence.com if you’re interested in joining this womb-wellness and fun class!

Whether you own a yoni egg (highly recommended) or not, you can join this class.  You’re guaranteed to leave each class feeling more alive, more energized and, of course, relaxed!

It’s a safe environment pumped with music, laughter and sisterhood, you’ll leave feeling transformed!

Sign-up here to be notified out our next upcoming programme or call KAtrina at (246) 696-GASM (4276) or email at katrina@orgasmikintelligence.com for more information.

2 thoughts on “Yoni Power Hour 6-Week Programme

  1. Lisa White says:

    Right now I don’t have any dog training booked on Tuesdays, so will like to attend tomorrow 15th November. Need directions please and let me know what to bring and wear.

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